What would little you think about you?

Little boy at the beach - What would little you think about you?

What would little you think about you?

This journey down memory lane isn’t just nostalgic; it’s a powerful tool to tap into your creativity and find fresh perspectives.

Think back to your younger days, when your imagination knew no bounds and dreams were as big as the sky. Your childhood self held unfiltered curiosity and a fearless approach to exploring the world. Now, consider your current self — the one shaped by experiences, lessons, and responsibilities. How does this contrast with the aspirations of your younger you?

Maybe your childhood was full of sadness and trauma, and you just want to scoop up little you and hug the pain away. Lonely and frightened little you would be happy and proud of how you’ve turned out – you somehow survived in spite of everything. You might want to encourage little you, or forgive little you if anything went wrong that now with the wisdom of years seems not so bad. No matter what, little you deserves your love today.

Reconnecting with your inner child can be a wellspring of creative inspiration. Remember the hobbies you loved, the stories you wrote, the art you created? Those innocent activities were driven by pure passion, unhindered by self-doubt or societal pressures. Revisiting them can reignite your creative spark and open new avenues for expression. Perhaps consider the smells of the cooking or the fragrances of flowers – or even polishing oil. What about the sounds, or the colours of what you remember?

To embark on this introspective journey, find a quiet moment and reflect on the following questions:

  • What were my favourite activities as a child? How have they evolved in my adult life?
  • What were my favourite things to eat or drink as a child? Do you still eat or drink them now?
  • What dreams did I have back then? Have I fulfilled any of them? How can I channel their essence into my current pursuits?
  • What advice would my younger self give me now? What courageous steps might they encourage me to take?

Translating these insights into your present-day creative endeavours can bring a fresh, youthful energy to your work. Your childhood dreams can infuse your current projects with authenticity and excitement. And if nothing else, it’s good to spend some time and love with little you.

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