Group creativity coaching

Group creativity coaching

What can I do for you?

You’ll have coaching sessions that work best for groups of like minded individuals – 2-10 people is ideal. I’ll give you honest and constructive feedback. Together we’ll discover ways to meet the group’s desired collaboration styles and outcomes. Perhaps it is to plan a group exhibition, or festival, or perhaps for a corporate team to explore new creative solutions and unblock communication flows.

Let’s get started with a 30 minute free get-to-know-you online (Zoom) call to sketch out your goals and aspirations. Free. Gratis. No charge. You’ll leave with a worksheet to help focus on your goals and what you want achieve.

From there, we’ll set up a 60 minute online (Zoom) session to review your goals and make a plan with the first few steps you’ll take to achieve the the outcomes you want.

Group creativity coaching sessions:
– $US 250 (60 minutes)

Request your discovery call (it’s free).