Gratitude, kindness, creativity

The pursuit of artistic mastery is often intertwined with the quest for personal growth and fulfilment. Amid the whirlwind of creative endeavours, a powerful practice emerges that not only enriches your creative process but also feeds your soul: the act of doing good for others.

Picture this: you’re deeply immersed in your creative work, pouring your heart and soul into every stroke, note, or word. It’s a process that demands your energy and focus, but it’s also the very essence of your being. In the midst of this intense journey, the idea of diverting your attention to help others might seem counterintuitive. Yet, therein lies the magic. Continue reading “Gratitude, kindness, creativity”

But I’m just not creative!

“I’m just not creative!”

I’ve heard that story so many times. It’s a great excuse for not writing or painting or whatever else it is that’s plucking your heart strings, but honestly, it’s just not true. Yes, you mightn’t have all the time you want, or you can’t afford expensive materials, but often it comes down to a single painful truth: Somewhere, some time, maybe when you were around the age of 12, someone made you feel bad about you and your creative work. To protect yourself from that hurtful feeling you just stopped being creative. At least in your mind.

We are all born with a creative spark. It is what allows us to see the world in new and different ways. It is what drives us to express ourselves through art, music, writing, and other forms of self-expression. People who say they aren’t creative often collect art, or love to attend concerts, or run businesses or work in professions that demand creative responses every day.

Signs that you might have shut down your creativity can be that you feel like you’re not good enough, or that your ideas aren’t original. You may be afraid to take risks, or you may simply be too busy with other things. You dare not paint or draw or write or do anything directly that highlights your hidden creativity. After all, there’s that inner 12-year old that must be obeyed.

If some of these words strike a chord with you, I encourage you to reconnect with your creative spirit. It is a journey that is filled with endless possibilities. Don’t go through life locked into a self-image determined by you aged 12. Your self-image has lied to you all these years.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:
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Embracing the Dolphin Spirit: Thriving Amidst Chaos and Difficult Environments

In the vast ocean, dolphins stand out for their remarkable agility, intelligence, and adaptability. As creative individuals, we, too, can find ourselves trapped in challenging work or life environments. Drawing inspiration from the attributes of dolphins, we can cultivate a mindset of resilience and embrace the dolphin spirit to not only survive but thrive in unpredictable, turbulent, or even hostile situations. Continue reading “Embracing the Dolphin Spirit: Thriving Amidst Chaos and Difficult Environments”

How to Escape the Grip of Social Media

Rediscovering Creativity: 
When I was a kid my mother made me birthday cakes. I had a seal with a ball on its nose, a train, a pineapple, and a gingerbread cottage. To defend what seems like a complete cake greed on my part, I must point out that my birthday fell around the same time as an annual cake decorating competition; and, I shared my birth day (and cake) with my father and grandmother. In hindsight, the cakes weren’t for me at all. No matter what, I don’t know how my mother found the time to make the cakes and then decorate them.

I probably only remember these cakes because Dad made photos of them using his prized Kodak rangefinder. They were colour slides – Kodachrome, of course. The slides lived in the yellow plastic box and viewing them was a special event in itself. I remember the photos and the projector rather than the cakes themselves. Although we were all proud of my mother’s creative efforts and the time and effort it took to create these prize-winning decorated cakes, few other people ever knew about them. There was no social media in those days.

Social media can be a great way to connect with others, stay up-to-date on the latest news, and find inspiration. But for busy creatives, it can also be a major distraction. If you’re feeling like social media is holding you back from your creative potential, here are a few tips to help you break free:
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The Art of Receiving Feedback

Have you ever gotten feedback that made you feel upset or hurt? It can be tough to handle criticism, but did you know that too much flattery doesn’t always help you grow either?

To grow as a creative it’s helpful explore how to handle feedback effectively by toning down harsh criticism and diluting excessive flattery. By finding the right balance, we can learn and grow while staying positive. You can do it – T.G.I.F (Thank God I’m Fabulous) – right?
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How Good People Thrive in Tough Times

How good people thrive in tough times
Life is full of challenges, and tough times can often test our resilience and character. But it’s the strength of good people that shines through.

Somehow, no matter how overwhelmed, burnt out, tapped out, and/or freaked out, individuals with integrity, empathy, and creativity manage in tough times, often connecting with other creative people who are also navigating adversity. And that’s one clue right there. Continue reading “How Good People Thrive in Tough Times”

How come it’s easier to believe in aliens than it is to believe in me?

Alien at night drawn with sparklers
There are a few reasons why it might be easier to believe in aliens than in ourselves.

Aliens are outside of our own experience. We don’t know what they’re like, so our imaginations can run wild. We can fill in the blanks with whatever we want, and there’s no one to tell us we’re wrong.

Aliens are a mystery. The unknown is always more exciting than the known. We’re naturally curious about things we don’t understand, and aliens are the ultimate mystery.

Aliens offer hope. The idea that there might be other intelligent life out there can be a source of hope for some people. It can make us feel less alone in the universe, and it can give us something to aspire to. Continue reading “How come it’s easier to believe in aliens than it is to believe in me?”